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Zagreb bike tour - ideal way to get introduced to the city

A Blue Bike Zagreb bike tour should be the first thing you do once you get to Zagreb, Croatia - we are Zagreb locals born and bred, loving our city deeply, knowing all its secrets - ready to share them with you.

Join any of our exciting Zagreb bike tours, and you will do yourself a great favor. In just a couple of hours, you will get the essential info about the city, crucial historical facts but also a great insight into nowadays way of life, recent changes we went through (with all "why-who-how?" answers about the war). All our guides are Zagreb locals fluent in English, and other languages if requested.

10 reasons to contact Blue Bike Zagreb bike tours right away:

  • You will get to know Zagreb as you know your hometown and do things as a local - at least for a while
  • Our groups are limited in number, the atmosphere is familiar and friendly, you can ask your guide tons of questions
  • We make frequent stops, for picture taking, buying drinks/snacks, have a swim (!)...
  • All our tours are doable, it makes no difference how fit/old/young you are - as long as you can cycle ;)
  • It is extra easy to find us: our shop/office/meeting point is centrally located, at the main Zagreb city square, inside the courtyard
  • Our bikes are new and well maintained, paths we take are safe and well-thought-out, guides well-experienced locals 
  • We are very flexible, so besides our pre-designed tours you can always request a custom-made one, to meet your interests
  • Our tours are family friendly, we have child seats, children bikes, and guides who are also parents - so we know ;)
  • The prices are fair, with optional discounts for groups, students, children, companies - you will get great value for money
  • Booking with us is easy and fast, we respond immediately, and provide you with support (if needed) during your stay in Croatia


If this is not enough - post us a request - we’ll make it ;) 9 years of experience proofs we know what we're doing.

We're very glad to host you in Zagreb, and can pretty sure say that you'll be happy too after taking one of our Zagreb bike tours!!!





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