Ancient Pula bike tour

Where? We start in our place in Zadarska 2Our partner in Pula is logo maremonti

When? Start times are EVERY DAY at 10 am or 5 pm, until late September. Please be sure to contact us prior to a tour!

How long? Usually, the Ancient tour lasts 2 hours during which you'll see everything there is to see. It can be prolonged, though, depending on a number of questions you want to ask! :-)

How much? Our Ancient city tour in Pula costs €37 per person. 

Language: The tour is originally in English, other languages can be provided on demand, by licensed guides, for additional €50 per tour

There is the Colosseum in Rome but there is an amphitheater in Pula too, the famous Arena. Beside it here is the Forum and Golden gate that testifies about those ancient times. But not only Romans were here. The legend says Colchis seamen looking for the Golden Run founded Pula for 3000 years ago. You can see trails left by Venetians, Napoleon, Habsburg monarchy and Allied Forces in World War II. Almost every stone has a story to say here. On the tour, we will advise you about unique Istrian wine and olive oil, encourage you to take the adventure through indigenous Istria, its landscapes, and picturesque hills and feel perfect blend of countryside life but also modern trends.

 You can also combine this tour with the Pula Mediterranean tour, allowing you to see all of Pula (and take a quick swim!) in 3 hours for €49 in our Pula Combo tour.
● During July and August, this tour can also be taken as an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , at 7 am.
 This tour can also be taken as a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want to have a guide just for yourselves (+50% at the original price).
   IMPORTANT: If you want your place on any of the Blue Bike tour, please be sure to book the tour of your preference in advance. Check availability by sending an e-mail, calling or sending a text message!

Payment & discounts

● We collect payment after the tour, in kunas. The price includes the payment for the guide, bicycle and helmet (optional unless you're under 12)!
● If you happen to be by yourself on a tour, or if you request a Private tour, the price is +50% - but the guide is all yours ;)
● If you come with your own precious 2-wheels - you'll save €5!
● Kids under 12 are half the price for adults.
● Groups 5+ (individual guests) will get a discount of 10%, so gather your friends!
● Owners of a valid ISIC card also get a 10% discount!
● For all who wants more, after the first tour taken you'll get 50% discount on the second one in the same city.
Visiting more cities where Blue Bike operates? Please check Book more & Save more page!

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